Excavator Bucket Repair Long Island

We all know that it's incredibly important to properly maintain your heavy duty equipment for maximum efficiency. However, with all the multiple parts and components on each machine, it can sometimes be hard to know what to inspect and what to look for. Take excavators for example. These massive machines are crucial to many construction jobs, but will only work well when managed properly. 

In the spirit of promoting the longevity of your heavy equipment, follow this excavator maintenance inspection checklist the next time you need to check your machine.

The checklist can be divided into three categories: from the ground, engine compartment, and inside the cab.

From the Ground

What you are inspecting/ What to look for:

  • Bucket and GET / excessive wear and tear, cracks.
  • Boom and cylinders / water and leaks.
  • Underneath the machine / final drive leaks, damage.
  • Undercarriage / tension and damage.
  • Stick / cracks and damage.
  • Steps and handholds / overall condition and cleanliness.
  • Engine coolant / level of fluid and any leaks.
  • Hydraulic oil tank and fuel tank / fuel level, damage, leaks.
  • Batteries and hold downs/ loose bolts, cleanliness.
  • Air filter / restriction indicator.
  • Radiator / fin blockage.
  • Fire extinguisher / charge, punctured damage.
  • Fuel water separator / water is draining properly.


Engine Compartment

What you are inspecting/ What to look for:

  • Swing gear oil level and engine oil / fluid level.
  • All hoses / cracks, wear spots, and leaks.
  • All belts / tightness, cracks.
  • Overall engine compartment / buildup of trash or dirt, leaks.


Inside the Cab

What you are inspecting / What to look for:

  • Seat / it is adjusted properly for the driver's height and vision.
  • Seat belt and mounting / wear and tear, not adjusted correctly.
  • Indicators and gauges / test to make sure they are functioning.
  • Horn, backup alarm, lights / proper function.

If you notice anything specific that needs repair during your inspection, it is crucial you hire a professional to fix it up right away! When doing so, make sure to contact our professionals here at Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc, the place for excavator bucket repair Long Island construction workers count on!